Pre-Planning Work


Based on your wishes and ideas, we will design your dream home, together with you, from the first outline drawings to the detailed construction plan.
After you have accepted the plans, we will calculate the amountof steel and concrete needed, do the plans for the water and electrical supplies as well as any necessary research on the construction plot.

All plans and calculations will be given to the local authorities who will check all our ideas for obtaining all the relevant permission.
If you so wish, we will collect different estimates for the construction of your future home, compare all of them and explain them to you. You can then decide who will do the building. If you wish, we will also supervise the construction.

For all work in design and drawing we use all the latest technical computer-based equipment. We do the measurement of the plot including all necessary high points and landmarks for your future building. We will then put all this information into the plan to decide whether the height and situation of the construction fits to the plot with regard to the view and access to sunshine. Also extremely important are the regulations regarding the correct distances to the border of your property.

In cooperation with you we will submit the first drawing of your new home. If you have already done some drawings, we will try to integrate these ideas into the plan. It does not matter how far away from us you are. You will get the first drawings by email, correct them and send them back. By doing this, you will finish up with your dream home.

All prices for architectural or engineering work will be calculated using the official price list for engineers in Turkey published by the Chamber of Architects and Engineers.