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Design | Drawing

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In cooperation with you we will submit the first drawing of your new home. If you have already done some drawings, we will try to integrate these ideas into the plan. It does not matter how far away from us you are. You will get the first drawings by email, correct them and send them back. By doing this, you will finish up with your dream home.

If you want or need further help, we can ask different firms for written estimates, can check them and after, contacting you again, can make a decision in your name. We can also work on your construction. If you are confident in a firm you already know, we can contact them and ask for an estimate as well. Then we will just supervise your construction to check that the work is done properly.

Imar Plans

As in most countries, there are written plans showing all the things you are allowed to do on a plot. If there isn’t an imar plan already, an architect and a surveyor can work together and publish a plan based on Turkish Law. Then the local authority needs to decide whether this plan is suitable or not and, if they decide it is, it becomes legal.

Quite often, this needs to be done together with the official landlord (Muhtar) of the region where the plot is situated.