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Dese Design Architecture Offers

Dese Design and Construction offers an exclusive service in planning and construction.

  • Individual design consultation
  • Drawings of all types
  • Construction regulations and building permission
  • Certification to earthquake standards 
  • Quality certificates and supervision of construction
  • Calculations based on actual measurements
  • Design of water supply systems

We are;

  • A team of architects, engineers and constructors
  • For the last 25 years, mainly in Europe, we have been active in the business of planning and construction
  • We have salesmen in different branches of international business
  • A group of wide-ranging, independent but cooperatively-linked businessmen.

We offer;

  • Designs and projects for homes and apartments
  • Construction regulations and building permission
  • Plots for individual homes and villas
  • Buying and selling, renting and leasing
  • Complete services for your property
  • Exclusive partner in Germany for insulation.

We are able to;

  • Design and build your dream home based on your own ideas
  • Built to 'key-ready' or whichever stage you wish
  • Building based on experienced construction technology with stones and concrete or on modern, ecological framework construction using wood
  • Restore and renovate your historical building
  • Modernize your home to high levels of summer and winter insulation.

Framework Construction


We offer framework construction based on European quality and materials. The basement will be of reinforced concrete and all the other building will be of framework construction. If required, the exterior wall can be stone.
This type of construction offers all the advantages of low energy costs and high quality living standards.
Modern wooden framework construction is one of the best chances of solving the problems of high energy costs and therefore taking a big step into future construction methods. These aims are easy to achieve because:

The percentage of thick wooden parts in the outside wall is as small as possible. Because of the special profile of the inside and outside layers, there is almost no loss of energy. All the materials are able to breath.
The excellent insulation material used is manufactured using natural cellulose.

Wooden framework construction

This principal wall construction method can be changed as well if you want to use other materials for insulation. To cover the walls on the outside it is possible to use a layer of larch or even a natural or artificial stone wall. For the inside it is important to use materials like gypsum, which can breathe and prevent condensation.

The interior walls can be done in the same way. If you want the walls to be able to store warmth, some should be made of stone. However, this is not absolutely necessary.


There is new product on the Turkish market and this material as a possible answer to most of your insulation problems, whether as protection against heat or cold.

Blow-in method

Using a hose, the material is blown into a framework construction which is covered with layers on both sides. Because of the pressure used, the insulation material will form an interior layer without any gaps, filling even the smallest spaces.
This method can be used everywhere, wherever there is space in the wall or roof system.

Blow-on top method

The simplest way to get proper insulation is to blow the material on to the top of any already existing ceiling or construction which is strong enough to carry the weight of the material. Again, the blowing machine will be used to cover the surface completely without any gaps. If there is a low-angle roof construction, you can easily use the top floor for access.

Glue-to method

Massive walls, ceilings and roof constructions, where it is not possible to use the space inside the construction, can also be insulated. With the help of additional glue and water you can fix the material on almost any surface up to a thickness of twenty centimetres. If you wish, you can then cover the material with layers of wood or gypsum to prevent any part of the material falling down as dust.

Design | Drawing

In cooperation with you we will submit the first drawing of your new home. If you have already done some drawings, we will try to integrate these ideas into the plan. It does not matter how far away from us you are. You will get the first drawings by email, correct them and send them back. By doing this, you will finish up with your dream home.

If you want or need further help, we can ask different firms for written estimates, can check them and after, contacting you again, can make a decision in your name. We can also work on your construction. If you are confident in a firm you already know, we can contact them and ask for an estimate as well. Then we will just supervise your construction to check that the work is done properly.

Imar Plans

As in most countries, there are written plans showing all the things you are allowed to do on a plot. If there isn’t an imar plan already, an architect and a surveyor can work together and publish a plan based on Turkish Law. Then the local authority needs to decide whether this plan is suitable or not and, if they decide it is, it becomes legal.

Quite often, this needs to be done together with the official landlord (Muhtar) of the region where the plot is situated.

Pre-Planning Work

Based on your wishes and ideas, we will design your dream home, together with you, from the first outline drawings to the detailed construction plan.
After you have accepted the plans, we will calculate the amountof steel and concrete needed, do the plans for the water and electrical supplies as well as any necessary research on the construction plot.

All plans and calculations will be given to the local authorities who will check all our ideas for obtaining all the relevant permission.
If you so wish, we will collect different estimates for the construction of your future home, compare all of them and explain them to you. You can then decide who will do the building. If you wish, we will also supervise the construction.

For all work in design and drawing we use all the latest technical computer-based equipment. We do the measurement of the plot including all necessary high points and landmarks for your future building. We will then put all this information into the plan to decide whether the height and situation of the construction fits to the plot with regard to the view and access to sunshine. Also extremely important are the regulations regarding the correct distances to the border of your property.

In cooperation with you we will submit the first drawing of your new home. If you have already done some drawings, we will try to integrate these ideas into the plan. It does not matter how far away from us you are. You will get the first drawings by email, correct them and send them back. By doing this, you will finish up with your dream home.

All prices for architectural or engineering work will be calculated using the official price list for engineers in Turkey published by the Chamber of Architects and Engineers.

Renovation | Restoration

We can also help in cases where an appraisal report is necessary, whether it is for selling a villa or for renovating or restoring an old building. Quite often we accompany a customer when he wants to buy real estate and needs some hints and tips from an independent expert. The level of advice you require depends entirely upon yourself. If there are any mistakes in the construction and you need an official report, we can also help with that.

Together with the department of restoration, we have already done several houses here. We find out who the construction is owned by now and then try to put your ideas for its future into the plan and submit it to the appropriate department to try and obtain all the official permission necessary for the construction.